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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Originally Posted by B View Post
The visuals from the mini-preview of the game looked quite solid.. especally considering it was an unfinished game. However even in that I didn't like the model of Superman itself from a design point of view. The action looked decent though.

Personally I've played alot of bad Superman games & that Superman Returns one ranks about the worst. The best one I've played wasn't even technically a Superman game, it was the Justice League game on the PS2.. the Superman (& indeed all the characters) felt unique & fun to use.. but that being said the game still wasn't outstanding.. even at the time it was released.
Well, I'll take Superman Returns over all of them except for the Death and Return side scroller. That was actual fun. The rest... oy.

If your gonna give Superman an open GTA style world, there really needs to be more to do in the City itself. Be it planes losing engines & heading towards the Daily Planet, giant meteors pelting Metropolis & various other natural disasters randomly occuring. As well as the other standard villian kinda work like Bank Robbers, Car chases, invasions etc etc.

On the other hand I'd like to do alot of playing time as Clark Kent.. similar to AA or AC in which you'd be investigating things with Lois, perhaps even having to perform Superman like tasks without her or people around her realising it.

Really if DC picked a decent developer & allowed them time to toss around some ideas a Superman game could be epically good. So many possibilities with the character & his universe.
I think the idea is that what you're asking can't be done. GTA can barely do GTA, try to add in a bevy of abilities and variety of enemies and environmental catastrophes - and then multiple playstyles on top of that - and even the best developers say "no can do" - decent developers need not apply.

A "smaller" game that doesn't take into account everything about Superman, but only the highlights, the things that make him unique and superior, stands a much better chance of being Arkham-quality if taken up by a high level developer. I mean, that's what they did with Batman, you don't see Bruce Wayne minigame missions or the Batmobile minigame missions or Batman concocting people's weaknesses to use against them. You get the basics: ninja detective with gadgets. They added a *bit* more with Arkham City, but for characters this big "all the possibilities" is what prevents a good game from being made in the first place.

And honestly... how are thugs a challenge to Superman in a video game? Can you imagine how frustrating it would be for Superman to have to use multiple hits to take down a common thug? Or having Thugs dodge his heat vision? I could barely handle Spider-Man having trouble with ordinary thugs, Superman having any challenge would drive me nuts. I think Kratos has more trouble with power up boxes than Superman should have with thugs...

In fact, that's it. Thugs and Car chases are so easily solved by Superman they should basically be animated power up boxes. Also helps accentuate the saving people aspect of Superman.

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