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Default Re: Mandarin discussion thread

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
There's blatant racism, and there's latent racism. Lee and Kirby were definitely not blatantly racist, and far from it; but their early 60s approach to ethnic stereotypes was definitely latent. Asians were always of the Yellow Peril variety; Russians were always of the Red Scare variety; etc.

The 70s brought a different version of latent racism, too: exploitation. In order to make up for the stereotyping of the previous decades/centuries, Marvel (like Hollywood) swung the pendulum to the other extreme and turned to blaxploitation, chop-sockey Asians, and Native American pseudo-mysticism.

Regardless of how Mandarin has been presented over the decades, it's always been as an ethnic stereotype: Fu Manchu yellow peril, kung fu mystic, or modern Asian crime boss. He's an offensive stereotype, period --- always has been, always will be.
I feel that's lame PC **** to be honest. But like Chris Nolan with Robin, I wouldn't want Shane Black to use Mandarin since he doesn't like the character. Iron Man has the luxury of a good rogues gallery, and the next Iron Man director can use Mandarin.

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