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Default Re: The Official Hellboy 3 thread

Originally Posted by DacoitONE View Post
I just can't force myself to digest the fact that there will probably never be a Hellboy III. It's too large a pill to swallow after loving both the first and second.

What should have been a wonderful trilogy albeit with a fitting yet difficult ending will forever remain unfinished.
I know what you mean, my faint hopes that we are getting a HBIII a fading fast, and it is difficult to swallow, the 2nd movie left things so open-ended.

Originally Posted by Donut View Post
That does suck. But Del Toro is to blame. Instead of letting someone else direct it. Hes ****ting on it
Yeah, I wouldnt actually mind someone else directing it, I know Mignola doesnt want it but he has no say if the studio wants it. Someone who has directed a GDT feature could surely do a job with GDT in an active producer role.

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
I don't see how people think ending at 2 leaves things unfinished.

Is it Hellboy's murky future? It's a mystery that I'm fine with leaving unresolved.
Do you not remember what Death said to Liz, Hellboy will destroy the world, and Liz will suffer more than anyone, add into that two demon/hyrbid kids and there is a lot left unresolved.

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