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Default Re: Anyone saw Batman Returns in theaters?

I was confused when I walked out of Batman in 89...but I was totally buzzing when I came out of Batman Returns...I felt I had saw some things onscreen that I wanted from a Batman movie finally...

- a villan who not only acted like their comicbook counterpart, but looked just like they had stepped from the page(Catwoman)

...seeing Batman up on the rooftops fighting a super-villan(CW)

.... Batman fighting a random attack by a colourful gang of crooks (the Circus gang, esp the 1st set-piece, as on that first showing I did not know they were Penguin's gang, I thought they were just a random Gotham gang, it felt like a crazy mutant type gang from Miller's TDKR)

and extended action set pieces with Batman that involved super-villans in the action...

Now, you might think I was just there for the action, but no, of course I did enjoy the story, esp MP's Catwoman origin and was just that I had been waiting on a serious live action BM movie my whole life, and this one came closer than Batman 89 to delivering what I wanted to see onscreen Batman wise.

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