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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Most internet fans hate it because:
1) cyclops death
2) Prof x's death
3) Depowering Rogue, Mystique, Magneto
4) Running time
5) Dark Phoenix not done justice

I personally loved it. I did feel it did need 20 more minutes or so with some more screentime for Cyke and maybe Colossus.
But the music score, pacing, action scenes, effects, storyline, acting were all top notch.
The Jean Grey house battle was awesome.
Kelsey Grammar as Beast was fantastic.
Iceman icing up looked surprisingly great!
Magneto and the convoy scene was amazing.
The end scene with Jean and Logan was emotionally well done.
Beast's scene with Leech, Magneto's scene in the hall....I could go on and on....

I think over time, fanboys will start to appreciate X3 more.

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