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Default Re: Catwoman/Batman sex in the comics

Originally Posted by SimbaRises View Post
Agreed. Doesn't make sense to me either, Batman sticking around cuddling asking her if she's okay after he has pounded it out in the smush room is not in his dominating, bad boy persona at all. It's actually kind of sissy. And to be shirtless with the cowl, cape and rest of the costume on is beyond absurd. I've never been of the belief Batman should be in love with Catwoman. She just represents the dark side of himself and his kinky sexual desires. He shouldn't find his soul's counter point in her, IMO
I think if they had Batman after the deed turn to her and give her a smirk then leave, that would be in character for him to do. Makes more sense for Batman to leave her then the other way around imo.

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