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Default Re: Anyone saw Batman Returns in theaters?

Originally Posted by JohnnyGobbs View Post
Excellent. Do you know if it is possible to watch the E! hour long special online? And if not, any chance you'd be able to put it up on youtube at all?
Wish I could but I'm not tech savvy when it comes to posting videos online but I can tell you that the special was hosted by Michael Murphy (Gotham Mayor) and Vincent Schiavelli (Organ Grinder), the first half is the usual behind the scenes with the cast and the second half shows clips of the premiere at Hollywood Mann's Chinese theater.

Celebrities that attended were Keaton, Pfeiffer, DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Alexander, Rene Russo, Christian Slater and Chris Walken in a tux.

Self-contained stories part of a larger story is where its at. Not this writing for the trade nonsense. If you're going to write for the trade, don't release it in individual issues. Just release the trade.
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