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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

I think it's just Ratner hate, the reasons these complainers list for hating it are just flat out ridiculous.

Phoenix killing Scott,....

..It makes perfect sense, he was Jean Grey's lover and the Phoenix would want to eliminate any and all connections or emotional anchors who might be able to reach Jean and bring her back in control.

Phoenix killing Xavier,...

...same thing, Phoenix knows he's the one who imprisoned her before so naturally she would want to prevent that from happening again. She's sitting there and her jailer comes rolling into the room what the hell is she supposed to do?..I guess she's supposed to do battle with Xavier and then stop short of killing him and then spout some corny dialogue like "I'll spare your life this time old man but don't cross my path again or I will destroy you", no,... she would eliminate him with extreme prejudice to insure her continued existence and that's what she did.

As far as Wolverine being the lead character in the film and other characters being placed on the back burner, that's been like that since the very beginning so don't blame X-3 or Ratner for that.

Mystique being depowered showed a loyal and noble sacrifice to protect Magneto from harm, she has been Magneto's right hand person from the very beginning and I thought it was well within character for her to protect him and it was not some blasphemous writing defeciency like the complainers make it out to be. I mean really who do people think should have jumped in front of that cure dart?....Pyro?

Same thing for Rogue, she's been belly aching, whining and crying about her powers from the very beginning and yes I would expect that she would be the FIRST one in line for the cure, nothing was out of place for her to voluntarily be cured.

If that movie was the same way but had Bryan Singers name on it the venom being spit at it would not exist. People just have a distaste for Brett Ratner and they take their distaste for him out on that movie.

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