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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Ok, first of all I was talking about the Hulk TV pilot (the origin), not everything (although all Kenneth Johnson directed was pretty good too).

And I was talking about Johnson doing that before Donner and Nolan or whoever. And he did with 100% serious approach, 0% camp, which neither Donner nor Nolan could say.

That said, I know what STM is considered amongst superhero movies. I myself consider it one of the 3 masterpieces of the genre. But the camp is there and it's Luthor alone, Luthor-Otis and Luthor-Teschmacher. And far more than 5 lines. And I cannot care any less about it. But I have to applaud that someone on a TV show did what Johnson did before the rest and how ignored that is.

And while Reeve could do two very different characters, what Bixby did was nothing short of difficult and admirable with Banner.

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