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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
I don't want them there forever. It doesn't stay true, in my opinion, stay true to the spirit of the comic. You have to rotate the roster. Maybe you bring one or both back, but I think at some point some new characters come in and others go out. Since this is an expansive universe we don't need Iron Man or Thor or even Cap for every film. They can return to their own respective films like they do in the comic. Avenger seems ideal place to showcase the characters that can't support their own films. Also look at the success of First Class. Not a popular X-Man in the bunch besides Eric and Charles.
But it's not really an expansive universe, it's a handful of films with fans of those films. There's nothing wrong with benching the beloved originals over time and replacing them, but you can't do it wholesale or else you alienate people, as much as New Coke. Benching the characters with the most successful movies at once is a bad idea, commercially and thematically.

I personally think Avengers 2 would be great for the Kree-Skrull War, it's like, we've seen alien invasion movies, but only the Avengers can handle two alien Invasions at once. I really believe, in the movie universe, Ultron works better as a Giant Man villain, if he's going to have a solo movie, and the point of the team up movie is that you don't have to explain a new character to the audience - especially since you have to quickly and smoothly introduce all the characters to people who didn't see that particular movie. I don't think it's the ideal place to introduce characters who can't support their own films, but if it is, Iron Man and Thor, like Xavier and Magneto, are the two characters that you can't get rid of, because they are the most endeared to the general audience.

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