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Default Re: What did Christopher Nolan think of the other Batman movies?

Originally Posted by BATS N' HORNETS View Post
I could so argue against that. While they are entertaining films and great stories as well, few people realize that Nolan is not really taking too many things from source material. A few things from Killing Joke or Batman annual #14 or MAN WHO FALLS or otherwise are only starting points. He is adapting general conceptions about characters for his own agenda.
Nolan took way more than that. Batman Year One, The Long Halloween, and Joker's first appearance in Batman #1 to name a few more were also used. When I watch his movies I can see the influences, not just from the various comic book stories, but with the characters as well.

The cerebral approach works the best, IMO, because Batman and his world is so psychological. Nolan knows how to use that effectively. Especially in TDK. That's one reason why it's the best.

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