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Default Re: What did Christopher Nolan think of the other Batman movies?

Originally Posted by Spoonman View Post
I disagree with people taking credit away from Schumacher for the serious parts of BF, it was all Schumacher's movie, Burton had nothing to do with the movie past that script writers meeting and being a producer in name only. The answear here (as much as people want to believe the opposite) is that Schumacher cared for the movie in the sense that he wanted to tell a story while yielding to the studio's requests, thats why Forever has good stuff there because its director allowed for that (he is the captain of the ship after all) and was going to be even better but the studio mandated the film to be cut down.
Then he didn't care because a real director that would actually care would fight or just walk away and move on to another project. It's not like he was some rookie director here. He already had an established relationship with WB. He had directed hits for them in the past.

The truth is BF was just a paycheck for the guy. He didn't take Batman's world seriously like he took Falling Down. He viewed Batman's world as the Gotham from the silver age full of wackiness and bright colors and has said as much. This is why we have an ultra serious Bruce Wayne and lighter emulation of Keaton bat contrasted with the Riddler in a freaking tiara.

Going back to the fact that he IS indeed the director as you said thus this is his vision. I doubt the studio was on his ass like that he seems proud of Forever and seemed to have a certain amount of freedom on it. They just told him "go lighter than Burton; make our corporate merchandise sponsors not back out".

I doubt that they were dictating inherently stupid stuff like the villains playing Battleship™ and Batmobiles driving up the side of buildings; and Two-Face wailing like a baby in studio notes. I won't even get into the more infamous stuff like bat nipples. That all falls on him when it comes to Forever too. I just think his vision for the character clashed too much with what was going on at that time with the character on screen and the bipolarness of BF is very reflective of it.

Thank god for Nolan's trilogy. I don't think they'll ever deviate that far again. They have to get directors who have the sensibilities for the bronze age and up Batman as it's the most interestingly cinematic version. I wouldn't mind golden age again either as it worked well for Burton; but silver age influences don't fly that well uninspired. It worked for the tv show because especially during the first 2 seasons it was OFTEN inspired. Schumacher's movies were just mostly fluff not creative expressions of inspiration from the silver age.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.

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