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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by WhiteScorpio View Post
I hate not the fact that Cyclops was killed, but the WAY he was killed and the effect it had on other characters (it hadn't). I mean like:
- It was a good fight. By the way, where is Cyclops?
- Who's Cyclops?
Man you're exaggerating, it didn't happen like that at all. Right there in the recovery room Logan pulled out Scott's glasses and asked Jean what happened to Scott. That then triggered Phoenix's regression and Jean started to come back, Phoenix then regained control and attacked Logan. It wasn't until that scene where Logan even suspected that Scott was dead, up until that point he was just missing. So what you're saying is that after that recovery room scene they should have immediately cut to people sobbing and a funeral scene for Scott?, no...Phoenix was the priority and by that point Xavier was dead and then was the time for mourning.
Originally Posted by WhiteScorpio View Post
And why the hell was Angel in this film? What had he to do with ANYTHING?
Great day man he was the son of the man who invented THE MUTANT CURE, Warren was a mutant, he was written in to establish a link between a father and son who were on opposite sides of a war. Warren wasn't there to put on a uniform and battle Magneto, he was there to show the need to find acceptance for what he was because his father did not. He was there to show how the mutant war affects families similar to how a boy who is gay may not find acceptance at home with his family or meet the approval of his mother or father because he is perceived to be "different" or "not normal".

I'm not trying to convince anyone to like the movie because obviously everyone has there own perception of what's good and what's bad, however I really do believe that the majority of the people who trash that movie are just in love with Bryan Singer and just wanted him to do it instead of Brett Ratner.

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