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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by T-CLIPSE View Post
So what you're saying is that after that recovery room scene they should have immediately cut to people sobbing and a funeral scene for Scott?, no...Phoenix was the priority and by that point Xavier was dead and then was the time for mourning.
What I'm saying is that every death of a notable character should have some impact on the other characters and overall plot. Deaths of so many characters had no meaning at all. So why kill them? It's not like it's some minor characters that no one would regret about. Come on, we all pained together with Scott when Jean sacrificed herself at the end of second movie. Nothing like that in the third.

Great day ... or "not normal".
Yeah, I understand what they WANTED to say with adding this character. But it just doesn't work for me and for many other people. Why not? Because he is not connected to anything really. He is a loose thread. Like you know, carburetor is a very useful thing in a car, but it only works if it is installed into the car system together with engine and other things. Carburetor doesn't work if it lies in the trunk of your car.
Likewise, all the other threads were not really interwoven. There is nothing connecting Jean with the new cure, for example. During the siege she just stood there doing nothing.
You may call it all a good movie. I call it bad writing.

are just in love with Bryan Singer
Not true also. As much as I loved first two X-Men movies, I hated Superman Returns. It was awful, Singer or not.

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