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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

I hear you guys but to me X3 kind of had loop holes and several missed opportunities.

A 3rd film should always go back to the 1st film, something that was missed or possibly shadowed the events for the 3rd film. I feel like w/Phoenix character nothing was fully explored. This could've been the perfect time to explain the Anne story and how Jean's powers developed thus leading to the Phoenix persona, usually Multiple Personality Disorders comes from a traumatic event. Also they could've explained that when Jean used Cerebro or Magneto's machine is slowly released the barriers Xavier placed. The whole point of Phoenix is that she's an unstable creature and for majority of the film she just stood there silent, what's her motive? what does she want to do after being "imprisoned?" Why does she care to join Magneto and his war? To many loop holes for her character

Scott's death was underplayed and not neeeded. They could've recasted his role and made him more relevant to the Jean's arc.

Xavier's p.o.v of the cure would've been nice before he "died."

For Beast to be a former student it seemed like the only person he knew was Storm, there was no connection w/Jean or Scott nor w/anyone else of the team. I always thought that scene w/Rogue when she leaves for the cure would've been great if they replaced Logan w/Hank. He could've explained to Rogue how he can sympathize w/her and when he accepted who he is. To me Beast's character was underdevelop.

Far as Rogue & Colossus is concerned I think the writer's didn't know what to do them in terms of action or character. A Colossus vs Juggernaut fight would've been epic & Rogue should not gotten cured! It sends the wrong message to ppl but honestly I think they removed her from the final battle because they didn't know what to do w/her.

The Omega's should've been called the Morlocks and how they just went along w/Magneto was just like ok "follow the leader!" We could've seen the contrast between Xavier's school and how they live, in shadows underneath society. Magneto could've promised them that after his "war" they can live on top and rule by his side(which is a lie) and also Leech should've have been a Morlock who was missing, & Mags promised to bring him back but eventually he wanted him dead after he found out he's the cure.

I like X3 in terms of action, but the story is short of blah...

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