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Talking Re: Bane... The new Darth Vader?

Originally Posted by Doomed_hero View Post
Vader came out of nowhere and is such a iconic figure that has maintained his place in pop culture for over 30 years. Bane is a comic adaptation of a movie that has not come out yet. There is really no way to claim he will be or have that staying power.

For me Vader can not be touched cause he was the face of evil for me after I watched A New Hope and Empire. Then he showed he can also be good, it was a moment to me where I learned not all things are black and white or good and evil and change my vision on what evil is. To me that can personally never be matched.

agreed. Vader's story goes soo deep. The day that Episode 3 when aniken put on the vader outfit, super geeks like myself around the world wet their pants!!

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