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Default Re: Mandarin discussion thread

If they can fuse Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, Blacklash and Whiplash...

Then I think they can make Ghost an asian connected with the ten rings. Bring that storyline around. Ghost's story is pretty good as it is, hotshot programmer genius "The next tony stark", learned to do great things with tech, lost something, then became obsessed, fusing with his tech to become just an all around badash before going bad and trying to take out corporate types... types like Tony Stark. In fact, start him out in Stark's company, let him go bad from inside, steal the Stealth armor to make the Ghost Armor. Implement holographic controls like Tony has in his lab to simulate magical runs and stuff. Hacks anything at a moment's notice, orbital bombardment sattelites, explosive mechanisms in cars. Makes it look like 'magic' in a way.

Let Ultimo be the first problem of the film, and later find out that the Ghost kid was the one who activated him in the first place. Extra points for bringing back Raza, Stane's son, Hammer and 6 generic multicultural baddies as the other ten rings members.

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