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Default Re: What did Christopher Nolan think of the other Batman movies?

Im not sure whether I disagree with Nolan or did he worded it wrong. I strongly disagree that people of Gotham are as bizarre as Batman or the city. I see regular people filling the streets, at least in B89 (Ill give him Max Shreck). The city's design itself is indeed a character on its own, reflecting the evil and darkness of its citizens. But not the people.

After so many similar comments, it seems Nolan's simply a hardcore Superman movie fan rather than Batman fan (he said himself he wasnt into Batman comics that much but liked the character), so his vision was always that of redoing STM with batman in it. That would match with his comments about "his" Batman and his dream Batman 79 which never happened. I dont think a movie that doesnt show origins isnt valid at all, Vader or Phantom of the Opera didnt need them. They just needed a spot in the movie to briefly recall their backstory

Either way, for me Begins is far superior to S78, and outside of them bnoth showing an entire life of the character in its structure, I dont see other similarities, which for me personally is a good thing


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