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Default Re: What did Christopher Nolan think of the other Batman movies?

Originally Posted by Nolan
When Dick Donner made Superman in 1979, it seems odd that they didn’t do Batman in that same way – with that epic sensibility.”
Yeah, because Batman and Superman are so much alike it's only natural they should be approached the same way? And I'm sorry, Nolan, but B89 was epic.

Originally Posted by AnneFan View Post
So that isn’t a hurdle that we have to get over with this film and, because of that, we are more free to treat the world around him as more ordinary and so allow his extraordinary nature to stand out. For me it was very important that the audience watching the film would feel for people in Gotham – Batman is an extraordinary a figure for them as he is for us in the audience.
It can be done both ways.

But my impression is that Batman was an extraordinary figure in B89 and he should have been more of that in Nolan's movies, visually-wise.

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