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Default Re: What did Christopher Nolan think of the other Batman movies?

Originally Posted by BATS N' HORNETS View Post
I also think your preference for a certain Bat-film will have a lot to do with what era of Batman comics you love and respect the most. If you love the 70's & 80's O'neil/Wein/Conway/Moench etc. stories, you may enjoy Batman 89 or Batman Forever more.
I could see that. I grew up on those books as well as the ones by Grant, Wolfman, Englehart etc. and I have a great appreciation for those movies I suppose because of that.

If you love the 90's Batman comics you may love Returns more and so on!
If we're talking Moench/Jones era stuff here then yeah. It captures the surreal tone of those books pretty well.

And god help you if you love the 50's and 60's Batman because then the Clooney travesty might be to your taste!
I love the silver age Batman and still hate the **** out of that movie for the most part. Though the Wayne manor scenes are all pretty much excellent. The Batman stuff is way too overdone for it's own good and very phoned in.

None of the charm and genuine wit of say the TV series starring West for instance creeps into that movie at any time during those moments. Again I give them credit on the whole Bruce and Alfred's relationship as surrogate father and son stuff. As well as the "Dick wants to be his own man and conflicts with Bruce" thing as it's always been a cool angle to me in the comics but that's about it.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.
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