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Default "Earth-based" Transformers reboot

I wanted to ask people a question like this for a long time. This is essentially a challenge where you have to come up with ideas for a Transformers reboot, but based on Earth. A film set entirely on Cybertron probably won't happen since it'd be WAY too expensive. But here is what I want from you guys, try and come up with ideas for a Transformers reboot but keep it realistic and suited to Hasbro's needs. You'll probably need to keep Bumblebee in the film since he's probably the most recognizable Transformer right now to non-TF fans. You can have military characters but still keep your main characters teenagers. I would personally combine human characters from the original trilogy that weren't in G1 (Judy, Mikaela, Leo, Simmons, Epps, Lennox, Mearing, Dutch, and Galloway) with characters from G1 (Chip Chase and Doctor Arkeville), Animated characters (Sari, Isaac, and Fanzone), and Prime characters (Jack, Raf, Miko, and Fowler).

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