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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

I've said it numerous times but eh, why not again. BP could easily be Marvel's next trilogy. His story, villains and connection to the MU would never make the franchise feel old. IMO, his place in the movie world is already on a silver platter with a big "Make me" sign. It's all about pulling the trigger.

Vibranium obviously opens up the door but then there's the legend of the Black Panther and T'challa's place in the Avengers. He's a classic member and I've always said a scene with Cap remembering his father/grandfather in some fashion would make a great sense of continuity.

Then there's Wakanda. The most technological place in the world. Imagine the introduction to the audience of a place where the future ALREADY exists and ways of improving life and science continue to evolve under the watch of it's king as it has for generations. Potential is limitless and I'll cry if we ever get to see it.

It's simple and can be mapped out or even switched around.

BP1: Klaw
BP2: Man-Ape
BP3: Killmonger

And I do agree that if they go the origin route then someone like Chirisa would be a decent pick. Especially when showcasing T'challa's studies around the world and his eventual rise to the throne. Plus his age makes him perfect for when he's grown into the role of king as the movies progress.

I'd also like to point out that BP has a massive popularity with fans that only continues to grow. His latest series was a good hit before it's unfortunate cancellation and his animated series on BET was well received among the masses. You had tons of people up at 2am talking about it on twitter as it trended worldwide. Hopefully someone took note.

Make it happen Marvel.

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