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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Superman 1930s is the equivelent of kid goku on dragon ball, neither could fly. Supes could only move faster than a bullet, a bullet can be seen from certian guns, if you really focus, in other words you can see him flying at top speed aiding his line. Look in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, no its "Superman" But when goku fought chakie chun, AKA master roshi, at high speed movements, not even yamcha or krillan who are supposed to be a little on par with goku, could see any thing at all.
Supes durabilty only was strong enough to with-stand a locomotive. In the magnetic meteor episode, his strength couldent even stop the main meteor, let alone his super speed, catch the even smaller ones from killing some suvillians, meaning he has a limit to his power and speed.
Dont bring up towing planets because besides, dark matter moving everything so slightly and slowly, planets dont really weigh anything in outer gravity like a rock on the moon and enhertia wise, would be the same way a pit bull cant drag four hundred pounds but with wheels aided as shown in videos, in weight pulling the pit bull has records pulling up to four thousand pounds because of the wheels inhertia factors. Same with supes in outer gravity inhertia and please no sneezing a solar system because, if you just heard it from some where and not read it like I have, you would have caught the words as stated by superman Dead universe as in:
Brittle/Weak/Feeble/Decayed/Falling-apart planets the reason why when supes sneezed they blew up and fell apart.
Superman heat vision in the 1930s, was only a litter stronger than a steel welding tourch, but goku learned the kamehameha already from roshi, which rohshi blew up titanic battle ships, mountians and even the moon but in the tournament goku was about dead even with roshi, in every aspect at around 13 years old already and in seconds, learning the kamehameha blew a car to peices.
The fact is Supes isint a good fighter, batman who knows mostly all of human martial arts and fighting techniques beat supes, klukor a special martial art from a kryptonian lady beat supes, muhamid ali beat supes to a pulp and hundreds of other's just as strong as supes has bled the so call industrcutable man of steel, which steel has things that surpassed it in strength even on earth and we all know goku is all about martial arts so goku takes this by a mile.

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