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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Now for modern day superman, hes the equivielent of when nappa and vegeta arived on earth, being that when supes is at war with any of the uber strong villans like mongrul ,black adam, or darkseid, it is all replicated to what nappa did to an entire army, chasing and catching march 3 jets, ripping threw tanks like tissue papers and nuke-ing an entire city, by flipping up his fingers supes in comics has KOd himself by flying into a moon so durability isint really as big as indistructable.
At best supes would still lose to goku after training on the flight to namik era, being Superboy prime killed two superman's and is the most ruthless of any incarnation of supes, he would probably be the only one to where goku goes super 1, but at super 1, Prime goes down badly.
I mind you if goku has his instant transportaion already, it would be a disasster for any supes. Because goku would only notice that battling supes for a while, after supes pleets his energy he countinuesly dashes for a yellow sun to recharge, but after all over the place fighting goku would only pick up supes ki dissapearing fast when near a red sun. So he'd just teleport supes on a red sun then bye bye super powers, the red-sun will also incenerate supes being only now having human durabilty and when goku was only a teen, could stand those types of heat already being its only a red sun not yellow.
Also besides superman can absorb yellow sun radiation he can absorb ion radi and a few other radi as well. Making superboy into superman prime and a little stronger as well. But average supes to where there isint just one yellow sun to run to in the univers theres trillions, though same can be said about kryptonite other planets with the same phisiology as krypton will harbor it as well aiding the spirit bomb, with a combination of a green rock called kryptonite and red-sun it would be a one shot kill for any incarnation of supes.
Durabilty for both is still high fist to fist wise, I read supes has survived super nova's, but so has goku. Who freizas super nova blew up planet vegeta and his older brother cooler who is stronger than freiza threw his exact same move at goku who took it head on.

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