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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Now at best to best incarnations of both charecters, goku and superman. You have golden superman prime one million, who I know of to have been in the sun for about 85 thousand years of solar charging, aquring a few new powers like resserecting and transferring some of his super powers to others, same concept of the flash lending or stealing speed from anyone he chooses.
Some say thats too much for super saiyen 4 goku, which is maybe. But dont count out goku yet, because wikipidea states that in that form golden supes, has no weaknesses. Only because its prime and prime was already immune to kryptonite and DC comics hasent stated that he cant lose his powers from a red sun, so you no one can either. Implementing he charged 85,000 years to gain ressuerction and lending powers, only to lose them all by being near, on or in a red sun, making him have to charge a nother 85,000 years to gain that status again.
Many say supes has imortalty which is bull crap, he has longjevty not immortalty. Theres a big differnce, one can die one cannot there are even old comics having an old as dirt superman because of no yellow sun. So he can age, plus there are a ton of people who have Kod superman and a few that killed him, besides just 4 elements being able to kill him like kryptonite, red-sun-radiation, magic and equal or greater strength, thats means 4 major weaknesses, complimenting red sun-radi he has all the weaknesses of a human, so thats thousands of weaknesses to where goku has none, only the strength department being greater can bleed or kill him.

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