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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Again adding to best to best, goku has died total around 4 or 5 times, 1 from a heart attack, 1 from piccalos moon shattering beam, 1 from cell and 1 from omega shenron and the other 1 is a little fuzzy on my memory. Now for superman, he dies actually the crap lode of times. A few times from kryptonite, a few times from doomsday, around 40 times from his lunatic counter part superman/boy-prime and depending how many multiverses there are, some say 52 but DCs different writers have it, as big as 616 different universes, which implys to at least 500 supermans were killed by the insane villan Gog. Not satisfyed by killing superman he traveled threw time and threw different universes slaying every superman he came across, until being beatin by a united multi-universe of every super hero ever exsisted.
But although golden superman can resserect others, DC comics have not said he can resserect himself meaning, being not a true immortal like Dr manhattan type, just olympian gods longjevity eat a silver apple to live longer type the sun is supes silver apple. Garlic Jr, has wished for true immortality threw shenron, for besides the dead zone in my mind is still on par with manhattan type of immortalty, never being able to die from anything ever.
So this reaches my conclusion. Even with Superman soaking up yellow sun radition for 85,000 thousand years, as his trumph card the strongest DC ever amping supes towards demi god status. Super 4 "Goku" being on par with golden supes, still surpasses him by fusion super sayin 4 Gogeta, let alone, if supes can use the sun's powers for 85,000 years goku needs only one wish from any of the multiple eternal dragons, for immortality and no comic book villan or hero can beat goku. Its been fun...
TA-TAH ^_^

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