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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

But adding to wizards magazine, they didnt just let supes take a beat down NO! Exactly how Id see it, supes is a chump to no one and gave goku a run for his money. Being Im a fan of both Id know too, that supes having the sun or prime absorbing ion or a trump card of turning into a 85,000 year old solar powered battery he would give goku a good beat down. Just as bad as he always gets but even at regular standards you'd have to be fair if supes gets to run to the sun when using up energy, then goku gets a bag of senzu beans while getting beat down, though it still wouldnet be fair because every time supes recharges, supes getting his life bar at say 100 smashed to a 20 when he recharges he's a 100 again for goku a life bar at 100 being smashed to 20 he eats a senzu bean, then his saiyen blood brings him to 200 lol so I dont know if thats fair either. You'd have to just set the match somewhere like the hyperbolic chamber with locked doors, goku has no senzu bean and supes had a full day of sun charging, lol I think thats fair XD XD
On there own worlds, again it would be harsh for supes because he has only smarts no powers from a red sun, while goku can still get strong faster being a saiyen of there take a beat down and become twice as strong gift, plus a fake moon to make him a king kong size being, who took on a race smarter than kryptonians, called the toppples. But all and all I think how the hell would these two power houses ever fight because they are both the pure-ist super hero charecters of all time, dam why dosent DC or DBZ at-least just give us a sparring match toon, movie, comic or anything lol
I guess its better this way they both have awsome toon series, toon movies supes has awsome real movies and the ****-iest game line up of all time. To where dragon ball evolution's movie ****ed everything up, but still dbz trumps DC in the video game department selling at least 4 titles per counsles and in the millions of copy's at least evens things out. But hopefully the owners buy back the rights to a dbz real movie and show how its really done lol I mean the actor that played goku said hes a fan then why not look at the movie and finish product and say hey this sucks it has no relivance to dbz plot,story charecters, NOTHING and turn down the role no people are just ****ing greedy for cash and not the impact of its potancy, lol. Oh wells as the french say... SAY-LA-VI

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