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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by Webhead38 View Post
My biggest problem was Steve's explanation to nose dive the plane into
the ice. If he could control the craft enough to do that, why not take Peggy's advice and wait for help? He could have turned the craft around and flown it back out over the ocean where he could have maintained a position over the water until help arrived. It just seemed like suicide to me. From my perspective, the circumstances leading to the ship hitting the ice should have been beyond Cap's control. Damaged navigation equipment would have explained these circumstances much better than a personal choice to simply "die". That didn't make any sense to me, especially since doing away with the Red Skull didn't end the war with Germany and the Nazis. Why sacrifice yourself when your country could have still needed you?
I like the climax from that A:EMH episode where it is Bucky who sacrifices himself and kicks Cap off the rocket because he knows the world needs Cap, and it is Bucky who dies instead. However, Bucky inadvertently provides the scenario where Cap is frozen in time by kicking him off the rocket into the icy Arctic Ocean.

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