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Default Re: Thor's power level

I didn't really get a strong sense of his power/strength from the first Thor film.

I mean, don't get me wrong - we saw him decimating a load of frost giants, and he took down the Destroyer, not to mention destroying the Rainbow bridge at the end. He's obviously skilled with his weapon, and a good strategist. But in each of these incidents, it appeared to be Mjolnir doing the majority of the work. Thor's only fist fight was when he was depowered, and we never got to see how strong he himself is asides from his nonchalant flipping of a banquet table - which is hardly a great example!

The Avengers will hopefully showcase his raw strength a bit more. Having Thor and Hulk in the same movie gives us a good opportunity to see what kind of power level he has - I'd like to see him grappling with Hulk, or lifting something incredibly heavy, or fighting an army without using Mjolnir.

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