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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Matthew directing and Bryan producing Is music to me ears.First Class Is viewed as eather best film or second best film In Series.Fox Is smart to get the team back.The cast Is commited to sequels.The question Is will they bring everybody back.For me Moria,Angel,Riptide are question marks.I doudt they won't bring back Emma Frost.She
Is too Important a character to not return.Azarel Is a lock since he uses Jason fleming In almost everything he does.

for those complaning about SImon Kinberg.Remember he was a key on First Class as producer.I suspect he may had worked more with Vaughn and Singer than Lauren Shuller
Donner.Plus he did last work on first Class script.We can't judge all his efforts just because we didn't like his work on Fantastic Four and X-Men The Last Stand.And that may
be more of how Fox treated those films.

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