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Default Re: Iron Man vs Iron Man 2

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Which is one damn shame as that friends fight was absurd. We all knew they weren't killing each other. It was a big budgeted alley fight between drunk friends (one drunk, one trying to control him). If that was the best IM2 had to offer action-wise then IM1 beats it by a long mile.

Whether they were trying to kill each other or not doesn't take away from the fact that there was more actual fighting done in that scene than the Iron Monger fight from the first film.

The last fight was a classic explosion feast. Lots of robots, lots of shooting, etc. Not bad, but that alone can't save a movie.
I for one love Iron Man 2's final fight scene, the flying sequence was spectacular and the battle with the Hammers Drones is one of favorite battles in the IM series.

I might have addressed that when I said "It might have been more, or with more expensive special effects, but the times in IM1 were so much better."
Well in that case I simply disagree, in my opinion the times of Tony being Iron Man in IM2 were better than they were in IM1.

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