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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by WhiteScorpio View Post
When battling Ego, he was able to hurt a whole living planet with his strike. So he can strike mighty hard with his mallet. (Not to speak about destroying the Rainbow Bridge with it in the movie). As for personal strength I haven't seen him lifting anything heavier than a side of a building. Have you?
He also lifted the Odin-Sword and threw it into a Celestial which weighs millions of tons.

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
The Avengers will hopefully showcase his raw strength a bit more. Having Thor and Hulk in the same movie gives us a good opportunity to see what kind of power level he has - I'd like to see him grappling with Hulk, or lifting something incredibly heavy, or fighting an army without using Mjolnir.
I agree, The Avengers film serves as a perfect opportunity to showcase Thor's strength without Mjolnir so hopefully Whedon doesn't skimp out on the feats.

Originally Posted by Odinson View Post
I'd love to see at least a mention of the other pantheons.
Which is all I want there to be, I don't really want other pantheons actually showing up.

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