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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Great news! I believe that bringing back Matt Vaughn is critical in ensuring that the sequel for FC would be fantastic, because we have seen the effect of changing a director in the middle of a trilogy (X3, Batman Forever, Superman 3). I've criticized FOX heavily in the past, but they did absolutely the right thing in ensuring that both Vaughn and Singer return to steady the ship for part 2.

Originally Posted by Nerial View Post
Both McAvoy and Fassbender want this as well. So, unless the writers/director/producers go insane, then the sequel will most likely be more Xavier-focused. The guy just got paralyzed and lost his sister, best friend, and love interest by the end of the movie. He needs to be all kinds of messed up.
I think First Class focused more on Erik than Xavier, and while I like it alot, I hope Xavier will receive more spotlight on how him deals with the drastic changes in his life in FC2.

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