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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by TheComicbookKid View Post
Uh, she had a relationship with a co-worker and didn't reveal his name. As if there's something wrong with it, well, people will want to know.

She wants her privacy, then let her have it. That won't happen putting her in the same place as before.

What did Katie Holmes do? Get married to a screwball and have a kid? Yeah, that's totally unique.
I don't like January Jones but I think her staying mum on the subject of the father is pretty awesome. It really isn't anyone's business. She may have asked a friend for a favor, she may have used artificial insemination, she may have had a one-night stand with someone who was single and when she got pregnant from it released him of all responsibility for the child. If it was say, Fassbender who got her pregnant and they had agreed he not be involved in the child's life, it wouldn't come across that way to the media. They'd eat it up and he'd get a rep for being an "irresponsible father".

Either way her personal life doesn't change the fact that she's a terrible actress. She needs to step up or be replaced. :/

Vaughn returning is sweet though. I hope the film stays in the 60s, MAX a year after Cuba. If they jump too far ahead, Charles' struggles will feel less meaningful. Now that Vaughn is back the only thing I have left to cross my fingers for when it comes to this film is a scene where Erik learns what he's done (paralyzing Charles). I don't care if they screw up the sequel as long as they include that scene. Fassbender and McAvoy are excellent emotion actors and I know they would knock it out of the park.

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