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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Vaughn earier hinted at begining sequel In 1963 with Magneto being responable for
JFK's assassination and moving Into late 60's around 1968.Singer also hinted at
sequel develing Into other 1960's events.

As for January Jones.The thing Is Emma frost Is like In this trilogy to what Mystique was
In first trilogy.They have Jones committed for 2 more films.In past If actors are committed to more films If the characters are back the actors return.Katie Homes Is not a good anology.Reports say warne rbrothers forced her on Nolan.And she choose to do another film Instead of doing the daark Knight.Nolan wasn't heartbroken to lose her.
Michael Sheen returned In Underworld evolution and Underworld rise of the lycans after Len Wiseman got together with Kate Beckinsale.His ex and mother of his daughter.

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