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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

^I agree! I feel as the sequel should show the evolution of Charles into Prof. X and Eric emerssing himself as Magneto. The plot of the sequel should be about the Government taking full action against mutants; mutant registration act, possible anti-mutant groups whilst Magneto is making his war, you have the X-Men in the midst.

To further Charles' development they must deal w/him being paralyzed and not being able to go into battle w/the X-Men, if they want they can introduce/retcon Juggernaut as his step-brother, who can be a potential threat for Charles...ppl say X3 messed up Juggernaut's character but in a way to fix it, what if Xavier mind wiped everyone including Cain, and no1 remembers who Juggernaut is? It'll be a great display of Xavier's powers
I def. think they should introduce one or 2 new X-Men; a male or female...

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