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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
Showtime has been harping on this lately. But since its his birthday (33 ass-slaps) I'll be nice.

At this juncture with that Wolverine sequel lingering, who is to say they can't, or won't, integrate Hugh Jackman into the main plot this time. Why not, and they can have their cake and eat it too since his cameo always brought the house down. You can either continue with the prequel continuity (AKA Chuckie mind-****s him at some point towards the finale a la Moria) and throw your hands up and decide that this is a reboot after all and go full on Wein/Cockrum international X-Men.
If you go back and watch X2 It can be hinted both Xavier and Magneto
had prior knowledge of Wolverine.Hell In X-Men when Magneto first encounters him he says you must be Wolverine a further hint he has past knowledge of Wolverine.

Bryan Singer earlier said before It was known about Hugh Jackman's cameo In First Class Wolverine could show up In Sequel.Matthew Vaughn mentioned one new character showing up In sequel who goes toe to toe with Magneto now that Xavier IS crippled.What If they bring In a preadamanturm Wolverine
In sequel.He could be sent by government after Magneto,and he could cross path with X-men.

If you view First Class and sequels as prequels to Just X-Men and X2 you can Ignore the fact Beast didn't recgonize Wolverine.As people know I have made strong case that First Class should be viewed as just prequel to X-Men and X2.

As long as Bryan Singer Is producing I firmly expect these films to remain prequels to X-Men and X2 with a few liberties taken.

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