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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Now that XM:FC has established the characters and universe, I'm totally open to them taking even more liberties with the first trilogy. Mostly, I'm talking about the timeline. They have to introduce Cyke, Jean, and Storm if they want this to be the epic movie that it should be. All the potential is there.

I agree that we need to see Charles become Prof. X and not just jump over him dealing with it all. So in that sense, the continuity of the timeline with the first X-Men movie will have to be fudged a bit.

I really think that they can do a mini Phoenix Saga here with the end result being Xavier shutting off Jean's powers. It fits in with his development as Prof. X, having to make terrible decisions at a time when he's still coping with his own loss. This fits in with both X2 and Last Stand. Meddling Emma could also be in the mix, flirting with a young Cyclops and driving Jean insane with her manipulations and perversion.

In this movie I see Magneto and Charles as not being total enemies, trying to either coexist or getting caught up in each other's "work". I wouldn't want Emma to be a total villain. The most important aspect of her character in the comics is that she wants to teach and mold the next generation of mutants into what she thinks is best. This would be a great angle for her... the manipulator.

Argghh I'm so excited!!!

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