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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
I reeeeeally can't see the movie opening with the assassination. Magneto just isn't that evil yet. Yes, he turned the missiles on the ship--because THEY attacked first. I don't know much about American History but to my knowledge JFK did nothing that could have prompted Magneto's hand, and in the films even as an older gent we have never seen him outright kill a high-profile person without reason or plot. Actually I'm trying to remember ANY moment in the trilogy where he killed anyone who wasn't a guard or something. I know he's more ruthless in the comics, but we are not talking about the comics here, we're talking about the films.

JFK's assassination would require backplot. Did he learn about mutants and start a mutant registration? Doubt it, as this would have been brought up in the first movie when they were trying to do the same thing. What I've read is that Magneto is pissed because JFK "takes the credit for Cuba/preventing WWIII". That just does NOT seem like a big enough reason for Erik to kill someone, even a human, and this kind of rationale would completely sully his character. He hunted Nazi's with every reason. Putting a bullet through someone's head for "unfairly taking credit" seems a bit extreme and childish. There is nothing calculated about it.

If anything, I can see the JFK thing happening at the END of the movie. I can see Magneto slowly becoming darker, a foe coming in that he can't beat alone so he and Charles team up and do a great job and it's like old times, and just when it seems like things could go back to the way they were, he pulls a "sorry Charles" and goes off and assassinates JFK (with whatever sound Magneto-logic they have had time to develop throughout the movie). That would REALLY put a rift between him and Charles and might be the thing that makes Charles finally realize that they are enemies.

Also, please leave Wolverine, Scott, Jean, and Storm out of this film. I'm sick of them and the Bstory characters from FC could use more development anyway

Couldnt agree more with this, I definately want them to team up to defeat a bigger threat, and the assasination of JFK would make more sense at the end after he has done something. Who knows, they may introduce a storyline were JFK was turturing mutants behind the scene's or something for being communist spies, they could come up with anything.

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