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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by demitri_vampiro View Post
to me, it didnt come over like there is huge hate and discrimination.
and Bobby scene was more lame than serious. the idea behind it was good, but execution was not good at all. having bobby freeze a cup of tea to freak out his family is not that strong.
when i look at the 90's animated series, there are episodes that in 30 minutes show more than a whole x-movie. the episode beauty and the beast portrays much better the mutant problem.
OK, making a parallel connection to the Holocaust didn't come over as clear enough example of mutant bias as "huge hate and discrmination"?

The Bobby scene was completely serious. He told his parents he was a his brother called the cops on him. The cops showed up and shot Logan in the head for no reason other than being there. Then Bobby's family completely rejected him and sided with the dip**** brother.

All you took out that was the frozen tea moment? Oy.

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