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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

I don't want them to throw In tons of new characters.This was problem with both the Last Stand and Wolverine.If Xavier and Magneto team up again It should be In third film.
First Class did good job of showing Magneto's turn and formation of Brotherhood.With Magneto attacking the CIA to break Emma Frost out signals he has become a Villain.
And who should they team up against?Sinster should not be used till Cyclops Is Introduced.I don't see Sentinles In First Class series.They may want to save them In case X4 Is ever made.That pretty much leaves Apocalypse and Shadow King.

Matthew Vaughn has said his Idea of Magneto killing JFK Is because he took all credit for solving the CUban Missile Crisis and mutants were not mentioned.Plus Vaughn mentioned only bringing In 1 new character who goes toe to toe with Magneto now that Xavier Is crippled.

I see them defently bringing back

Emma Frost
Azarel(Vaughn likes to use Jason fleming In all his films)

Moira,Riptide,Azarel are question marks.Remember Tyler Mane,Ray Park,Alan Cumming,and Kelly Hu were signed for more films and weren't brought back after X-Men,or X2.Noiw If you drop Riptide and Angel you could get away with having villain both Xavier and Magneto go up against as long as you don't need a bunch serving him.

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