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Default Re: Zack Snyder's Man of Steel Pt.2

Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
As I remember WB was looking for Superman Returns to make around 500 million. It was a reboot and so is MOS. My guess then is that WB is looking for 500 million before it will OK an MOS sequel.

However, the rights issue are a cloud over all this. Right now it's not going WB's way so if they lose the rights next year no matter how much MOS makes they won't be able to make a sequel.

It's probably prudent to wait until a resolution of the legal issues before speculating on possible future films.

Personally after going back a reading over the lawsuit, I am with WB. Siegel and Shuster SOLD the rights to the Superman character, now years later the family's, who did nothing to create the Character, want a piece of the pie? In this case the Colonel's family of KFC fame should sue KFC because KFC was so much more successful after he sold it? Yea, ok. It's bull, but WB should just pay up as the Courts ruled. I don't see what gives the Siegel and Shuster estates any kinda rights to receive any rights back come 2013? That Marc Toberoff guy representing S & S estates needs a good boot where the sun don't shine, I really hope he gets whats coming his way.

I'm sure if MOS makes enough money for WB, they should be able to take that profit and use it at the table to settle these "rights" issue's.

Somethings gotta give, I just hope all this is cleared up within the next 2 yrs, that's more then enough time to make something happen.

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