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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by demitri_vampiro View Post
i understand what you are saying, but to me the setup of the scene was not good. it could have been executed better. better dialogue.
and making a connection to holocaust, yeah its an example, but thats only done in words. you don't see mutants on the street beaten or hunted.
in x-2 when stryker wanted to raid x-mansion the president said to him that last thing he wants to see is a body of a mutant kid on the news. but why would that be bad if there is so much hate for mutants. a dead mutant on the news shouldn't mean that much in an atmosphere of hate. this is what should have been done. a scene where you see a mutant on the street, maybe helping someone and then once people see he is a mutant, they beat him and leave him to die, and nobody even looks around to help him. not even the person that he had helped.
something like that. then you could really see the public opinion on mutants.
sure they make a comparison to the holocaust, but it is nowhere near that. there are no mutants caught and brought to concentration camps. in the end its just words.
Words can be pretty evil trust me. There's no such thing as just words.

As to the above comment in bold, it would be similar to if someone showed the body of a recently shot muslim man. Some people would say "serves them right" but most people would be shocked and sympathetic. I believe that's what the President means. He doesn't want mutants to be looked at with sympathy.

It's all about representing bigotry in a modern sense which is far more subtle to what you were talking about.

Mutant and proud.
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