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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
Hell yeah! Fingers crossed.

Even though they talked about it and, according to James, "Matthew came up with an interesting plot for the character", I'm still a bit cautious. There's nothing I want more than a good storyline dealing with Charles and all the things he had to go through after he was shot at that beach, but it's still supposed to be an "action/fantasy" movie, and it worries me that the producers will think that giving the main arc to a disabled character will "slow things down" or something . So they have to be very creative with that script. Focusing on Magneto and his merry band of mutants is much easier for anyone writing a X-Men script, I suppose.
You know, just a tiny element of the script could be something as simple as the story focusing on how some characters will think that Charles' disability makes him more of a liability to the team when facing the escalated physical threat of Magneto's Brotherhood. I'd be interested in seeing how Charles manages that with extending the reach of his powers. Whereas when he was able to walk he was more physically involved, like when he tackled Magneto to stop the missiles instead of using his mutant gifts, in his paralyzed state he will have to rely on his mind even more to be able to be an asset to the team. I'm sure some flashbacks to the cold relationship with his parents and how he came to possess the property (I'm assuming they died tragically somehow?) should be touched upon.

Originally Posted by Hugebear View Post
Yes, the Sentinels would great for the sequel. I think it’s the humans move now. They have to react to what happened in First Class. An army of Sentinels killing mutants would be certainly cause Magneto and Professor X to team up and push Magneto further to dark side.

Gryrich should not have any mutants working for him.
I have no problem with there being Sentinels in the movies. Heck, I wanted to see them in the previous, contemporary times X-Men movies. But I've stated this numerous times, even back in the 90's that they should not be the Godzilla sized Sentinels, but the ones from the original X-Men comic run that were between 10 - 15 feet tall. I would like to see Genosha and the rounding up of mutants as well. This would give Magneto and Charles the impetus to set aside their philosophical differences and ally together to fight a common threat, with the extermination of automatonic menaces not being too hard a moral choice for Charles to undertake.

*edit* You know, I was cleaning out my ferret's cage (His name is Loki and yes he is a little mischief maker.) and I was thinking of the whole Januarygate issue you guys were talking about. Yes, I do think of the oddest things while doing menial chores if you're wondering. It might not come as a huge surprise to some of you, but I was thinking that January Jones might not be revealing the father of her baby because she's protecting him as such a revelation would be devastating on a personal level. I have my theories, and I don't think Vaughn is the father of her baby, but I'm not divulging them because mainly, it's really not our problem. Decisions were made and cannot be undone but that's not something that we need to concern ourselves with. If I knew the man on a personal basis all I'd want is a yes or no answer and leave it at that. The past is the past and cannot be undone.

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