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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by Jinouga View Post
This is the sort of argument that can make me laugh. We're talking about Red (Blue if you're Nightcrawler) skinned guys with BAMFing powers, blue skinned girls who can morph into anyone, clothes and all, men who can manipulate metal with jazz hands (lol, love that description from Michael Fassbender.), etc. etc. and you're questioning the logic of something technologically possible as robots?

With a genius like Hank McCoy who was working for the government before Charles recruited him to his team, the Sentinels could be one of his detailed, rejected blue prints some enterprising Mutie hating guy could have recovered from the trash bin and implemented as a defense project. What do you think Area 51 would be for? The Alien technology thing would be just a cover story to throw suspicious individuals off the trail.
Well, you're talking about mutants, and we've already accepted the fact that mutation can give those individuals abilities and even appearances that defy logics and even nature's laws. However, that is different than having 50-foot machines that seemed to come from the 22nd Century. But if they are going to introduce Sentinels, I hope that they'd do it in such a way that isn't too far-fetched. Your idea about Area 51 could pausibly work.

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