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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

The sequel to First Class won't be out for 2013.We are looking at 2013 start and 2014 release.

The wolverine will be next X film In theatres.

Yes there have been cases where actors have been bought out of contracts.But,In X-Men franchises actors have only gotten out of films when they choose not to bring characters back.

James Mcavory and Michael Fassbneder won't be only actors to return.Count on that.Jennifer Lawrence made comment about Intrested In returning apart from having a contraral commitment.

A lot of big franchise pictures lock up actors for multifilms.About the only reason Natalie Portman IS returning for Thor 2 Is because of her contract.Kirsten Dunst was only In all 3 Spider-Man films because of the contract.Hell Halle Berry might not have returned for X2 If It hadn't been for the contract.It was only after the Catwoman fiasco that she became more open to doing X-Men films.She basiclly did no promation for X2.

Vaughn has just signed.Once Kinberg Is done with script he and Jane Goldman will likely rewrite It.we have had no Indiction Fox Is trying to have It In production this year.

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