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Default Re: Team Sif/Team Foster?

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
I've always preferred Sif with Beta Ray Bill to be honest.
Marvel could fix everything to do with this little conundrum if they go with Sif/BRB. Does anyone not think Sif and BRB work? Thor and Sif are so similar as characters its like they make each other worse. I really don't get the love for Thor/Sif. Maybe because its been there or in the background for ages? If Thor and Jane had a romantic 616 storyline post 1975 would people be more on board? The Mighty Avenger is the only modern Thor/Jane we have. Critically adored but not many people read it because it wasn't in continuity.

Originally Posted by Doomed_hero View Post
team entantress
Team Ultimate Hela. Oh Wait! NO!


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