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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

So we're pretty much agreed on that front? Good stuff.

Who do you guys think should/should not be in the supporting cast?
Obviously they'd have T'Chaka (who would you want for him?)

Everett Ross and Monica Lynne from Priest's run for an American connection?
Shuri, Ramonda, and Hunter for a family angle?
Would you cast as Klaw? What about his mercs? Names or just stuntmen?

Usually when they have a young protagonist like that in a superhero film they surround him with really high quality actors.

Oh, and if they don't have Doom for a threequel, assuming Black Panther's been on the Avengers, you can bring in just about anybody from one of his lesser knowns but very powerful enemies, like Achebe, to an Avengers villain like Graviton, Super Adaptoid or, who knows, the Skrull Invasion, depending on where the Avengers franchise is headed.

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