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Default Re: MOvie mortal Thor vs Bruce wayne (batman begins)

Originally Posted by ThorThunderGod View Post
Thor. If Thor fought bigger, you know. Bruce rely mostly on his gadgets and martial arts. If the fight is without weapons, then mortal Thor has an advantage over Bruce. Bruce has been knocked out as plain Bruce Wayne (not as Batman) fairly easily. Wearing the costume does something to him, makes him more formidable. Remember, Bruce in a plain black get-up got his ass kicked by thugs in Batman Begins. He had to be "the bat" to amp his fighting prowess, and utilize criminals being superstitious and cowardly lots. What if he is fighting a mortal Thor who is used to fighting huge, ugly and intimidating frost giants, is supremely confident of his fighting skills and is not afraid of anything. What will Bruce, in plain garb, exploit then?
The reason why batman doesn't show his full fighting skill potential as Bruce Wayne is to reduce the risk of being discovered as batman

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