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Originally Posted by Presa Canario View Post
lol, I finally read and seen the wizard magazines match of superman vs goku, that was published in 2002 I think. WOW, they couldent have comed up with a better plot than an 8th dragon ball, lol goku already knows 7 is all you need so what the hell?! But although a little shady drawn, it still was intresting and the fight was a little how id picture it.
Speed and power wise... unless every supes die hard fan, will whine about speed of light and nano second reaction reflexes, when supes gets hit all day everyday from slower than sound villans and goku fights guys in hundreds of different places at once, people say thats only the same speed of a recoshay bullet "HELLO" bullets recoshay in a smaller than 12 x 12 foot radius not a "Valley" size radius which goes for miles and miles, so thats on par with fighting at light speed. Which supes only flew one direction at lightspeed, not cutting corners or fighting. Thats why everyone knows goku is faster because lets not bring traveling speed because goku smokes even the flash, who the old comicbook flash, not modern flash is 75.3 trillion times the speed of light.
If flash had to travel the distance it takes of 75.3 trillion times the speed of light x 2 than it would take him twice as long, but goku still gets from point A to point B in 1 secound, as long as he's been there or is just exploring, thats the whole shabang which in gogeta form can use the instantanious movement, that allows to take whole planets of people, lol.
But again with power die hard fans keep bringing up about a small chess board peice, he lifted and a scientist said, thats the equvilent of 200 quitellient tons a small chess peice??? lol which a super nova is a sun exploding. Earth is around im not percise but is 6 sextellion tons, earth's mass to a sun is only a grain of sand, to the sun meaning weight wise the numer of zeros would be around a million x a million in number forms and a exploding sun will increase its mass an weight trillions fold. So supes lifting 200 quitellent tons, against goku catching coolers supernova and throwing it back would be as if he is catching trillions times trillions of quintellions tons lol thats insane strength he must control.

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